Case Studies

High costs and vendor lock-in prompted the infrastructure architects to consider alternatives for the database. That led the team to open source-based Postgres Plus Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB (EDB) and a relationship that has expanded in recent years along with the Postgres footprint at ABN AMRO.

Facing tough competition, a leading Indonesian Bank wanted to roll-out a new Shariah Banking application to more than 50 branches and nearly 300 service offices in a cost effective way. Remaining on Oracle® would have been prohibitively expensive for this application due to the licensing cost

In 2014, the Daiwa Institute of Research (DIR) Business Innovation Ltd. implemented a new Energy Management System (EMS).

A major campus within a New England state university system has been on the forefront of a major trend now unfolding in enterprises worldwide – the

Highway monitoring solutions provider Costain (formerly Simulation Systems Limited) was building a new system to support vehicular traffic surveill

bst365体育投注网址大全Organizations regularly take the opportunity to re-evaluate their relational database management system (RDBMS) when planning a hardware refresh or new virtualization strategy. One EnterpriseDB®️ (EDB™️) customer, an energy utility company located in the Midwestern United States, provides a glimpse into how infrastructure projects often lead to new DBMS decisions.

Ericsson CMS is a comprehensive platform for the end-to-end management of content operations for the television industry. In order to keep pace with the increasing demands for volume and performance, the organization replaced its legacy database system with EDB Postgres Advanced Server to ensure scalability, increase performance and reduce operational costs.

A leading financial services institution in the Nordics faced a host of decisions for a major digital transformation initiative. With more than 10,000 employees working in over 20 countries to provide banking services to private and corporate customers, the company needed to respond quickly to customer requirements with new financial products. 

bst365体育投注网址大全InMobi, one of the fastest growing global mobile advertising networks, delivers results to its partners through intelligent mobile advertising solutions. The advanced technology enables advertisers to discover their target audience on mobile Internet sites and mobile applications in a measurable manner.

A successful proof of concept for one application led to the widespread deployment of the EDB Postgres™ Platform from EnterpriseDB®

bst365体育投注网址大全KT Corporation is South Korea’s largest telephone services and broadband provider and played a significant role in that nation’s rapid and widespread adoption of digital communication technologies. The company sells wired and wireless phone services, high-speed Internet services, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless broadband (WiBro) services. 

bst365体育投注网址大全Ashnik, a leading technology consultancy in Southeast Asia, was appointed by one of Singapore’s top insurance companies to help it through a digital transformation initiative that would see it migrate an existing application to a modern platform.

bst365体育投注网址大全One of EnterpriseDB’s health care customers is a global service provider for technology-enhanced clinical trials. This customer delivers medical images such as X-rays; CT scans; and MRIs; as well as drug and test data to specialists  worldwide for review and evaluation. 

People’s Postcode Lottery, an external lottery manager raising funds for charities, solved its expansion constraints by replacing Oracle® with EDB Postgres Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB®bst365体育投注网址大全 (EDB™) to support greater scalability across multiple regions.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, sent U.S. states scrambling to build health insurance exchanges for individuals to purchase and manage new insurance plans. Working under time constraints, many states implemented systems based on technologies they already had in place. 

bst365体育投注网址大全How a global financial technology, trading, and information services provider that builds solutions supporting securities transactions all of over the world used EDB Postgres to reduce DBMS TCO and gain flexibility